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experience with food intolerance testing 5

My Experience with Food Intolerance Testing

As much as I would love to go through life eating everything in sight--it's not in my best interest. I have known for several years that I have one specific food intolerance, but I recently suspected there was something else. Therefore I underwent food intolerance testing. I will tell you, I was shocked at the ...

SFP 28: How do I end food battles with my kid?


Sometimes our kids can feel impossible at meal times. In this episode, I give my best advice--and it might surprise you.

What Is the Best Way to Start Solid Food with Babies?

SFP 07 : What Is the Best Way to Start Solid Food with Babies?


The first year of feeding solid foods to babies is incredibly important. In this episode, I am giving you tips to get started the best way possible. The Highlights How to introduce tastes How to introduce textures The importance of positive talk Show Notes and Links Getting Started With Baby-Led Weaning Mastering the Dinnertime Hustle ...

How to minimize organize recipes

Why I Got Rid of My Cookbooks + How to Simply Organize Recipes

I find 99.9% of my recipes online these days. However, until recently I was holding on to a few dozen cookbooks. Not anymore.  I got rid of my wardrobe and the toys--but getting rid of a few dozen cookbooks was still hard. When I declutter anything I always have a moment of self-doubt. What if I need this ...

Getting Started With Baby Led Weaning

Babies Eat Real Food: Getting Started with Baby-Led Weaning

So you want to feed your baby real food? Then you need to know about baby-led weaning (BLW). BLW works wonders to expose babies to a variety of tastes, textures, temperatures, and the appearance of real foods. The best part? It's really simple. It involves giving a baby pieces of real food and letting them pick ...

Simple Meal Planning for People Who Loathe Meal Planning

Simple Meal Planning for People Who Loathe Meal Planning

In this season of life, cooking is hard. When I cook with my kids in the kitchen I am forced to do the job that only an octopus is ergonomically equipped to do. Considering that I am six arms short of an octopus, I am blessed that the three-year-old is a helper. He loves to pour ...

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