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simple vitamin routine

My Simple Vitamin Routine (plus my kids too!)

I am not a vitamin and supplement expert. But I have been making some changes in my routine and I have been feeling great. So today I am going to share with you the vitamins and supplements that I am taking and also what I give my kids. Let's start with the kids. My kids ...

SFP 85: All About Sugar [with Megan from The Lyons Share Wellness]


In today's episode I have an interview with Megan Lyons from The Lyon's Share Wellness (Facebook | Instagram). Megan is a health and wellness coach based in Dallas, Texas and provides services worldwide. In our chat today, we talk all about sugar. She answered several of my questions such as: Is there such thing as ...

How to minimize organize recipes

Three Quick Tips for Simple Cooking

When it comes to cooking meals for my family, I like to keep it simple. Last week I wrote about why I gave up trying to cook to impress. Instead, I focus on making simple, healthy, home-cooked food. The food I am cooking in this busy season of life isn't always gourmet and gorgeous (i.e. ...

why my cooking sucks

The Reason My Cooking Sucks Right Now

I faintly remember what it was like to cook before having children. In those vague pre-baby memories, I recall actually following recipes. Although I have never really loved cooking, I used to make delicious things. My husband is a foodie and I set the bar high for myself in the early years of marriage. But ...

SFP 49: SPECIAL EPISODE: Exactly How I Feed My Kids [Your Questions Answered]


I recently explained exactly how I feed my kids [read the post here]. I loved the enthusiastic response that I received from readers and members of the Simple Families community. Because of the overwhelming response, I decided to do a special podcast episode to answer all of your feeding questions. Without further ado, here are the ...

how I feed my kids

Exactly How I Feed My Kids

My kids are great eaters. You might say that I am lucky, but I think it is partly by design. Research shows us that genetics play a small part in setting eating habits. However, by and large a child's environment has the greatest impact. That means what I do as a mother really matters.  I know this ...

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