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Start The Day

Starting the can feel like a lot. It can be busy and overwhelming. There are so many things that need to get done and so little time to do them all. I know in many parts of the world people are preparing to go back into the world and back to school. Maybe you've ...


Mental Clutter in Parenthood

Many of us have been decluttering our homes for some time. But what about our brains? Mental clutter is real. Parenthood can feel heavy. We are tackling the 10 reasons that parenthood feels cluttered and overwhelming. If you are committed to self-care but aren’t sure where to start, I want to invite you to join ...


One of the most common concerns I hear from parents is this: "My kids don't listen to me!" Generally, what this means is that you ask your kids to do something and they don't do it. Maybe you ask them several times. Perhaps you ask them several times with an increasing sense of urgency until ...

Minimalism Your Way

Minimalism looks different for everyone. When Christine Platt found minimalism she expected it would involve moving towards an all-white, barren aesthetic. But in search of an intentional life, she has built a home and lifestyle that is unique to her individual needs and culture. Christine, also known as the Afrominimalist, encourages us to search for ...


Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Say thank you. Eat your breakfast. Sometimes we sound like a broken record. We feel like we are prompting and reminding our kids to do things all day long...and sometimes we are. It's exhausting! That's what we are talking about today. I'll share my tips and tools for success.

Fears of Simplicity

What if I get rid of something that I might need someday? How will my kids react? Making a big lifestyle change can feel scary. Moving towards simplicity is no exception to this. In today's episode, we are discussing common fears around living a simpler life.