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#momfail Flipped

Let go of the pressure to be the perfect parent and start to embrace the teachable moments that you are (accidentally) creating. In this episode we are flipping around some common summer #momfails. As parents, we are far from perfect. On the bright side, our mistakes often create opportunities for our kids to grow.

Reactivity ft. Hunter Clark-Fields

At the heart of being an intentional parent is striving to calm our own reactivity. Reactivity…we all experience it. Hunter Clarke-Fields, author and podcaster, joins me today to discuss this topic. Links from this Episode: SPONSOR:

Connection & Wellness ft. Dr. Matthew Lederman

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Matthew Lederman, a physician and wellness expert that you might know from Forks Over Knives. His most recent book, Wellness to Wonderful (together with partner, Alona Pulde) goes into greater depth to explain how connection is has a profound impact on mental and physical wellness. That’s our topic …

Time Management

Time management can feel challenging for both children and adults alike. Today, I’m discussing some tools and strategies to start intentionally handing over this responsibility to our children.

Exposure ft. Leslie Cohen-Rubury

Today we’re talking all about exposure: exposing our kids, and ourselves, to current events, different cultures and different parenting styles. With unlimited access in today’s world, children and adults have more exposure than ever, which has its benefits and of course…risks. Links from the episode Sponsors

Engagement ft. Erin Loechner

Creating a more engaging home environment for our children can be difficult given the mounting sources competing for their attention. It take intentionality and hard work. Our guest Erin Loechner discusses how we can make some changes in our own lives, and our own screen-time use to foster a positive change in the lives of …