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Saying No

Saying ‘no’ can feel hard—especially to people we love. But if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, you might benefit from saying no more often. We have to take ownership over how we spend our time, money, and energy. If we don’t, we will end up burned out, exhausted, and broke.


We are nearly one-year into a global pandemic, therefore I’d say we are far overdue in talking about therapy. Therapy: Who needs it? How do you get started? Maybe you are interested in exploring therapy but you have decision fatigue—there are far too many options and you don’t even know where to begin. Today I’m ...

Bedwetting + Accidents


Maybe you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person. Maybe you have a kid who isn’t into nature. I totally get that. The truth is that nature can be uncomfortable. It’s often: Too bright.  Too hot. Too cold.  Too windy.  Too loud. But we are all nature people, in fact—we need to spend time outdoors for ...


Our family recently downsized in a big way. I've had many people ask why we sold our lovely home and the short answer is: It's complicated. My husband, David, is joining me in today's episode for a candid conversation about the perils of homeownership and moving towards simplicity.