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Mindful Eating in Parenthood

Anyone parenting with a busy schedule will tell you that the quality of food you are feeding yourself may be lacking. It can take time, thought, and effort to feed ourselves well. On the podcast today, I'm chatting with my wellness guru, Megan Lyons. We are chatting about mindful eating, managing cravings, embracing hunger, meal ...


Q&A | What about a kid who won't take "no" for an answer?

Do you have a kid who struggles to take "no" for an answer? That's the question we are covering today. The truth is, somtimes we need to firm up our "no" when talking to our kids--I'm giving you a few examples of what this sounds like. I'm also giving you an example of how I ...


Marie's Story

In today's episode, I'm sharing a journey to simplicity. Marie, a Simple Families community member is giving us a closer look inside her day-to-day life. She's been working towards simplicity for over a year and has found that a simpler life improves her well-being and the overall harmony of her family. Marie and I discuss ...


Q&A | Should you make kids apologize?

Should we insist that our kids apologize or say "I'm sorry"? I actually don't. However, both my kids have come to apologize and express authentic empathy in their early years (without my demanding it). They have learned to do so naturally through their environment. When it comes to teaching manners and empathy, we can cue ...

Sleep + Parenthood

In three years of podcasting, I've never shared my own views on sleep. This is not an accident. The reality is that I'm afraid to approach this divisive topic. I do have a lot of opinions on the topic, but today--I'm sharing the 7 most important things I've learned about sleep and parenthood in my ...

Q&A | How do you get kids to sleep in?

How do you get your kids to sleep in later? That's the question for the day. Although there is no magic bullet, I have a few tips to help you move in the right direction. Including some strategies around using an "Okay to wake clock". I'm also sharing something simple that I'm loving this week. ...


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