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Back to School Q&A

After our last episode, Educating Your Child in a Pandemic, I got a lot of questions. Today I'll be answering your questions about returning back to school this year. Show Notes/Links: Link to First Name Basis episode on privilegeWhite Fragility by Robin DeAngelo

Educating Your Child in a Pandemic


Right now, many of us are thinking about back to school decisions. Educating your child in a pandemic is no easy task. Homeschooling? Distancing Learning? In-person school? Even if we are privileged to have a choice, making hard decisions for our families can feel agonizing. You may even lose sleep over it. That's why I'm ...


Benefits of Fewer Toys


The Benefits of Fewer Toys “You are always teaching your kids, and sometimes you even use words.” -Rob Bell As many of you know, I've a true believer in the benefits of fewer toys. Not only does this benefit the development of the child, but also the well-being of the parents. The above quote inspired ...

Caffeine + Crisis Habits [Quick Wins]

We've all picked up on a few habits during this crisis--and some of those habits might not be serving us. Today I'm sharing more about my attempts to moderate caffeine, a habit that I've leaned on hard the past few months. I'd love to hear from you. Do you have any habits you are trying ...

Simple Things I Say to My Kids

When we speak to our kids, words do matter. We don't have to get it right all.the.time, but I like to use the same phrases repeatedly to help drive home important lessons. Therefore, I’m sharing the 10 exact expressions my kids hear on a regular basis. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most impactful. You ...


Rules [Quick wins]

In our house, we have three primary rules that guide the way we parent our kids. Today, I’m sharing the three rules and how we talk to our young children about them.  Here they are: Respect the rights of other people,   Protect and care for the environment (both inside the house and out),  Take only ...