How to Choose the Best Toys

how to use play silks how to use play silks

how to use play silks

Not all toys are created equal. When it comes to choosing toys for my own kids, I choose carefully.

I prefer to select open toys. Most importantly, open-ended toys that evoke imagination and creativity. These toys can be used by kids of all ages, interests, and both genders. I want to buy toys that are durable and will hold the attention of my kids for many years.

I want to avoid things that my kids will play with for 5 minutes and then run off in search of the next quick fix.

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When it comes to buying the best toys, I also pay attention to my kid’s behavior. So when my kids started snatching my scarves to make dresses and capes, I decided it was time to buy some play silks.

Play silks are something that had been on my radar for some time, but frankly–they are expensive. I was more than hesitant to drop so much money on six small pieces of fabric. In particular, these six pieces of fabric that fit into a sandwich bag.

how to use play silks
A lot of money for some little things. But the best things come in small packages, right?

I was hesitant. 

But alas, the reviews did me in. Those darn reviews spoke the truth. They said these high-quality silks last for years and take some serious use/abuse. They said that these things evoke a creative spirit in every kid of which they come in contact.

And I will be honest–they have been the perfect addition to our simple play space. With a big cross-country move in the works, I knew we had some traveling on our horizon. This summer we sold our home in Texas and spent a month as nomads visiting both sets of grandparents, an AirBnB, and a hotel before finally settling in to our new home outside of New York City.

This set of play silks was the perfect companion for our adventures. They saw lots of use as we pulled them out at every destination, including at our hotel and then again at an empty-home-awaiting-the-moving-truck-for-a-week. And my kids will continue to pull them out for years to come.

These silks have transformed my kids into pirates, ghosts, dancers, ninjas, and bikers. We have used them as ropes, trains, and kites. For a few pieces of fabric, these things sure have taken us far.

So yes, the best things do come in small packages. Sometimes the best toys don’t look quite like toys at all.

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how to use play silks how to use play silkshow to use play silks how to use play silks

how to use play silks how to use play silks

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