four simple things #07

listenWhat we are eating: Gallo Pinto

I might of overdid it when I tripled this beans and rice recipe. But we have had leftovers all week–I sautéed it with with scrambled eggs for breakfast and ground beef for lunch.

What we are playing: Plasma Car

Hands down, this is toy of the year in our house. The Toddler calls this his Uber. He can frequently be seen loading up The Baby and myself to drive us all over the house. We have put 250lbs+ on this thing and it’s still going strong.

What I am wearing: Tieks

For my last two birthdays I have been the lucky recipient of Tieks. I have another birthday coming up next month and I might decide to make this a tradition. I’ve got the neutrals covered, but I think I am in need of some color.

What I am pondering: Early literacy

We are incorporating some new pre-literacy activities like sound games and short rhyming poems with the Toddler. There is so much that comes before learning the ABCs and 123s–in particular identifying the sounds patterns he is hearing first.

What’s new in your house? Anything I should try?



Denaye Barahona

Denaye Barahona is a loving wife and mama of two. She's a therapist for moms, an author, and the host of the top-ranked Simple Families Podcast. Denaye holds a Ph.D. in Child Development and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been featured on the likes of The Today Show, Netflix, The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, Forbes, and numerous other media outlets.