My Simple Vitamin Routine (plus my kids too!)

simple vitamin routine

I am not a vitamin and supplement expert. But I have been making some changes in my routine and I have been feeling great. So today I am going to share with you the vitamins and supplements that I am taking and also what I give my kids.

Let’s start with the kids.

My kids get their vitamins at bedtime. I have strategically chosen delicious tasting vitamins to lure them out of the bathtub and into their pajamas. They look forward to this little bit of sweetness at the end of the day since they rarely get sugar the rest of the day. So while I don’t love that they are eating gummies/candy-like stuff, I know they are getting some vitamins and it helps build up some momentum with bedtime.

Couldn’t we all use a little more momentum in the bedtime routine?

The delicious trifecta of vitamins my kids get are a multivitamin with immune support, a probiotic with Vitamin D included, and a single capsule of a higher dose DHA/fish oil.

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Now for the grown-up stuff. I prefer to get my nutrients from eating food rather than taking pills–so I’ve never really ventured much into this area. But a couple months ago a vitamin-subscription company wanted to sponsor the podcast and they gave me a free month to try.

I was a total skeptic. But I did the kitschy little online quiz, rolling my eyes the whole time. I mean, what could a simple 5 minute quiz do to pick out the right supplements for me?

So I continued my skepticism and took the personalized packs they sent me. And no joke–I have never felt better in my life. My blend has six pills, and two of them are types of adaptogens. Adaptogens help to level out your mood and stress. It’s subtle–I would compare it to the positive feeling I have after I exercise when I usually feel better for the whole day.

So now I have a new problem, I feel so good with these vitamins that I don’t have motivation to exercise.

They send you this handy dispenser each month.
Here’s what the daily Care/of packets look like.

Now that my sponsorship with Care/of is over, I am paying for the subscription myself. I was hesitant to add one more subscription to my life, but I priced it out and it is cheaper than buying most vitamins on Amazon. My husband is on board and joining as well.

Now in addition to my monthly Care/of box, I take two other supplements. I take A LOT of turmeric. I have autoimmune disease and the turmeric works miracles for my inflammation (re: achy joints) and psoriasis. I also take a prenatal multivitamin. For the record, both of these options could be included in my Care/of packet, but I decided these two were more cost effective to buy separately.

Here’s a 10 minute YouTube Video where I go into more detail:

What questions do you have for me?

Denaye Barahona

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