How This Snowy Owl Is Bringing Us a New Kind of Santa

My kids believe in Santa–but not in the traditional way. Santa is not watching my children. Nor is the Elf on the Shelf hanging out waiting to tattle on them for bad behavior. There is no naughty-and-nice-list.

This year, we are going light on the “getting” and heavy on the “giving”. But even though Santa isn’t making a list and checking it twice he has an important job.

So this Santa guy–what exactly is his job?

Santa embodies the holiday spirit. His job is to spread the holiday spirit.

So what is the holiday spirit you ask?

The holiday spirit is sentiments of grace, kindness, and gratitude.

I have been struggling with how to teach my children about this Santa and his important job–until I met this curious little Snowy Owl. This Snowy Owl is a part of The Spirit Post (an exclusive Owl Brigade based in the North Pole).

The Spirit Post
A Proud Member of Santa’s Owl Brigade

Each day during December, children record their own acts of grace and courtesy. These good deeds get tucked into the Owl’s messenger bag. In the evening he is placed next to the fireplace. After bedtime, he heads out to deliver the holiday spirit to Santa–who then spreads it throughout the world.

the spirit post

So kids,

Be thoughtful, be gentle, be loving, be kind,

And each day pack your owl’s bag full of the lines

Of deeds you’ve performed–

The friends that you’ve made,

The hearts that you’ve warmed.


You can get your own Snowy Owl + Spirit Post Book straight from the North Pole on Amazon.


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Denaye Barahona

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