(without the raging overwhelm, crippling worries, and “always-short-on-time” syndrome)




I totally get it.


You want to give your kid the world and every opportunity imaginable. As parents, we want to do everything and be everything for our children.


But you already know that, right?

Until recently, I was in your shoes too. While I was raising my kids with the best of intentions I quickly learned that living life like you’re on fire leaves you feeling burnt out.
I started my journey by decluttering my house and all.the.stuff. But I didn’t stop there. After that, I decluttered my brain, my calendar, my parenting style, and my mental load. This path has changed my life and has transformed the lives of every person within my family—especially my children.

Not only does my intuition point me towards this simpler life, but so does my research and education.

I have a doctorate in Child Development with a research focus in family wellness. I also have over 15 years of experience partnering with parents in search of a more harmonious life with kids. I've had the privilege of working with thousands of families seeking simplicity. 

I’m not only a researcher and clinician, I am a mother in the trenches with you. While my work is rooted in science, it’s also steeped in real life.


24-hours in a day are never enough. Parenthood is heavy. We often feel like we are "winging it." But you don't have to feel this way anymore. In fact, research shows us that both children and adults THRIVE with less stuff, less hurrying, and less distractions. Here's what simplicity will do for your family:


    Do you feel like you are busy all.the.time? Imagine what life would feel like if you weren’t running from one place to the next.


    Can you imagine seeing your kids play more independently + creatively? Research shows us that less physical and mental clutter improves focus to creates a calmer space for children to grow and thrive


    Who feels the exhausting pressure to be “on” every moment they are together with their kids? Imagine if parenting didn't feel so burdensome and you enjoyed the time you have with your kids.


    Do you feel the pressure to occupy and stimulate your children every.waking.moment? Studies shows that cognitive skills like executive functioning, creativity, and problem-solving are enhanced through a simpler life with fewer toys, obligations, and more opportunities for self-direction.


    Imagine how it would feel to see your children persevere. Imagine how it would feel to see your children fall down, get back up, and try again. When we learn to give our children room to grow, confidence will flourish


    Can you picture what it would feel like to live in a house without toy clutter or mountainous piles of laundry? A clutter-free home will give you extra physical space to live lighter and extra mental space to parent calmly

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Simplicity makes sense to you, but it feels aspirational. It feels out of reach. You try to get started and do some decluttering. You make progress but...somewhere along the way you get stuck.

You start questioning every move you make. You are wondering if you’re really on the right track. You wonder if your kids will envy their friends. You start to question whether overscheduled, overworked, overwhelmed is just the way it's supposed to be.

Taking action feels nearly impossible and you start to plateau.

Here’s what this cycle looks like: lack of confidence → leaves you feeling stuck → experiencing guilt over not know the right way to find peace in your family.

This path in parenting is all too common. It can be part of a long (and arduous) journey.

On the Foundations Path, you are on a proven road map towards a lighter life with family. Simplifying your family isn't just aspirational, it's actually what's happening in your family.

Nothing can stop you now.

Whether you are just starting out in parenthood or you are a seasoned parent who is looking to slow down--on this path you'll be 100% committed to making lasting change.

Simplicity will become a core family value that you will pass down from generation to generation.

This path isn’t the easy one, but it's well worth your effort. And if there's one thing you've figured out, it's that you need a helping hand.

You are ready to take one giant leap forward.

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I'm going to let you in on a secret. If you think you are on the wrong path, you can absolutely pivot.

If you are on the plateau path, you aren't alone.

We land on this path with the best of intentions.

On this path, you're buying more toys to keep them happy. You're enrolling in more pricey classes because to keep them busy. Fumbling through more Pinterest projects because "that's what good parents do".

And last but not least, you're walking around with a heavy load of guilt because you're chronically short on time and patience. Oh, and your house is never clean enough.

On the plateau path, we end up drained and overwhelmed. And all too often--in heaps of debt. 

It’s the path of filled with F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) and discontentment for both you and your children.

Here's the good news: If you find yourself wandering down the wrong path, you can pivot.

You can beeline over to your new path and start laying the groundwork for a happier, more harmonious life with family for years to come.

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(Formerly known as The Masterclass. The same amazing content with a new, more intentional, self-paced approach.)

I've taken everything I know about fostering a happy, intentional life with family and channeled it into this comprehensive step-by-step implementation program that gives you an A-Z approach to simplify your family. It teaches you not only the high-level theory but the actual execution of how you can do the same.

This program is rooted my doctoral research in family wellness and child development, along with the fields of psychology, education, and minimalism.

But I promise you, I'm keeping it simple. That's what I do best.

In this program, You will gain the knowledge and confidence to give your children exactly what they need without the burden of stress, clutter, and busyness.



Just like you, I'm a mother who knows first-hand how heavy the parenthood experience can feel. But as an expert in child development and family wellness, I will teach you exactly what children need to grow, learn, and thrive. (Spoiler alert: It's not an abundance of toys or twice yearly trips to Disney). 


This program is self-paced. But you'll find that once you start, the instant results give you momentum and push you right along. You'll see those instant results in yourself, your kids, and maybe even your partner. There's something addictive about simplifying, once you get going you'll be hooked.


Decluttering the home and life of a family requires a specialized family-centric approach. You'll find that Foundations has a firm and grounded, yet mindful approach that considers your whole crew.

By the end of this program, you will have...

  • Simplified the ‘physical stuff’ in your home
  • Developed a new mindset on bringing toys, clothes, and other ‘stuff’ into your home going forward
  • Cut back on the amount of time you spend managing what’s inside your home
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations
  • Started to relax and enjoy the parenting journey
  • Discovered increased presence and contentment in the time you spend with your family
  • A newfound sense of lightness
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Throughout the 8-core lessons, I take you through a systematic process of simplifying your family. In Part I, we'll spend our time working on the home (the physical stuff). In Part II, we will simplify parenting (the emotional stuff).




A clutter-free home will allow your family to focus on connection over content. Gone are the days of all-weekend-cleaning-marathons. After mastering this proven formula for decluttering, you’ll welcome a simpler, lighter way of life as you apply it throughout your whole home.

A family-centric approach is critical for decluttering. A family home is a very actively used space. As a result, these spaces need to be designed to prioritize function.

In this lesson you will:

  • Develop a family-centric approach to making decisions when decluttering
  • Understand the value of a child-friendly home rather than a child-proof home
  • Trust that you can have nice things + a home that both you and your children love spending time within
  • BONUS: Learn how to handle "sentimental" clutter 


Imagine your home without huge piles of laundry and overflowing hampers. In this lesson we’ll eliminate the clothing clutter and start to accumulate clothing with intention.

This simplified approach to managing the clothes will bring you peace and extra time you never thought possible.

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to buy children's clothes more intentionally
  • Simplify the laundry routine and reduce clothing-related messes
  • Implement a capsule wardrobe for children 
  • BONUS: Get started on your own tiny wardrobe


Kids who have fewer toys will play more creatively and more independently. It can be a hard mindset shift for parents, grandparents, and kids to make. However, you are about to see how your children truly thrive with fewer, more carefully selected toys.

Downsizing the toys isn’t as simple as sweeping the room with a big trash bag. Instead, this simplified approach will teach you what to get rid of, what to keep, and how to set up your child’s play space to grow and flourish.

In this lesson you will: 

  • Learn how to choose the right toys to help children grow and create
  • Understand the value of fewer toys on child development and well-being
  • Discover how to maintain the simplified toy space + get kids to clean up
  • BONUS: How to organize children's books


Imagine if your kids actually ate the food you slaved over? Feeding a family can feel like a never-ending task—in many ways it is. The meal planning, the cooking, the cleaning…and not to mention figuring out how to actually get the good food into our kids mouths.

Gone are the days of overwhelm in the kitchen. We are going to put some simple structure and limits in place that will help your children eat better and allow you to feel more confident during mealtimes.

  • Develop simple boundaries around mealtimes
  • Utilize meal windows to improve meal eating and reduce grazing/snacking
  • Find a simplified meal planning method that fits your family
  • BONUS: Tame the pantry chaos


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Everywhere we turn, we see news stories of children in danger. Fear for our children’s safety and well-being is an omnipresent reality that parents of today face.

Imagine if you could parent with less fear? We explore how we can allow our children to take risks and fail, then as a result grow in confidence and character.

In this lesson we will:

  • Explore the "social expectations" of anxiety in parenting
  • Realize the impact our fears have on our children
  • Strive to hover less and let kids live more
  • BONUS: Mindfulness for kids + parents


“Don’t blink, or they’ll grow up!”. Surely you’ve heard this fair warning. Despite how fast the years move by, it’s difficult to stay present and enjoy the children we have in front of us right now.

We’ll move towards giving up the “what-ifs” and worries about the future. We will start prioritizing an un-busy life with lower stress and more calm.

  • Learn how to linger with our children 
  • Understand our brain tendencies along with how they impact our choices/actions
  • Let go of the "what ifs" about the future and prioritize the children and family in front of you today
  • BONUS: The value of getting kids outdoors and (how to make it happen)


Imagine if you didn’t feel pressure to keep your kids busy 24-7. What of relief that would be, right? Not only is it exhausting to carry this pressure, but it’s not even good for our kids.

When we entertain our kids and schedule out all their free time, we rob them of opportunities to learn important cognitive skills like creativity, problem-solving, and planning.

In this lesson we will:

  • Embrace boredom with our children
  • Understand how young children learn
  • Explore the most critical ways to spend our time and money on our children
  • BONUS: Finding a screen-time balance that works for your family


As a parent, the sibling relationship continues to be one of my biggest challenges. As frustrating as it can be, we know that conflicts between siblings and intimate peers are normal and even healthy.

It’s time for a mindset shift. We are not in charge of making our kids get along, but we can help to coach them to nurture this relationship in the early years.

  • Understand the role of the adult in children's relationships. 
  • How to coach without refereeing
  • Enable expansion and contraction in sibling relationships/playdates
  • BONUS: How to parent with more intention


8 Comprehensive Modules of Self-Paced Video Lessons (+ one bonus prep week)

10+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Coaching Sessions with former participants

Hands-on Homework Challenges to Enhance the Learning Experience

Group Accountability + Discussion 

Email Updates + Reminders


A Never-Seen-Before Video Tour of Denaye's Home. You'll see it all: an inside look at her closets, the kid's toys, every aspect of the kitchen, and much more. 

Lifetime membership in Simple Families: Foundations, a private community for program participants and alumni on Facebook. 


The program was life changing for me. I used to spend my time folding laundry, listening to my kids fight, and 1-2 hours of getting my kids to bed. During your class, I simplified our laundry and toys. Now I spend 15 minutes a day on laundry. My kids spend more time playing and play more creatively. They even pickup their own toys. Bedtime was the real game changer. I now spend 20 minutes putting my kids to bed and they stay in bed until morning. I really enjoyed the less referee section.

I’m now coaching my children to help them interact with each other. I learned their biting/whining was because they didn’t know what to do. I gave them a different way to handle the situation and they are completely different kids. Thank you for developing this course and sharing all your tips. It has made a difference in my life.


I am a full-time working mother of three children under five and was feeling a heavy load of stress, overwhelm, busyness and was just exhausted on most days. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with my house, the kid’s clothes and was spending every minute of my free time doing something to try and make life easier. I have been following Simple Families for a little over a year and when I heard about this course I was all in! I am so incredibly grateful because it has been life-changing for me and my family. Denaye is a joy to listen to, she uses real life examples that are relatable and she offers systems and methods that are attainable and easy to use.

I have noticed big changes in them and the way I respond to them. I’ve even had family comment, “you just sound lighter and less stressed!” I took so much away from this course and highly recommend it to anyone that needs to lighten their load. It has been a true game-changer for our family!


Simple Families couldn't have come at a better time in my life. This program endorsed simpler and lighter living and parenting, ideas I was already drifting towards. So, I enrolled myself in. A decision taken spontaneously but one that I'm very happy, I took! After completing some of the lessons, I could see myself getting better at organizing my home. I was making sensible choices while shopping and I was also more mindful of the lifestyle choices I made for my family and myself. My brain was getting conditioned and it did not seem like a lot of hard work. I was making little changes everyday and that felt satisfying.

The philosophy behind minimalism and the ideas and tricks to help tread that path are beautifully decoded in this class. Denaye provides set of tools and solutions for everyday problems that we tend to overcomplicate in our heads. This class was a lifestyle remedy and an educational experience for me. And I can't recommend it enough!


I have had true break through moments when listening to each topic you cover. You embody your message of simplicity in the way you present these weighty topics and how they relate to one another. You’re approach feels professional and authoritative, but warm and realistic - just like the parent we all want to be!

I have to add that I think your courses are all incredible value for money compared to others out there, particularly as there is so much exclusive content within each. Despite the fact that you have been blogging and podcasting for quite some time, I never felt that you were presenting the same old stuff again and that I could have just listened to a podcast for free and got the same information. I find all of your posts, episodes and course materials to be cohesive and overall create a clear and achievable way of living. You have inspired me not only in parenting and simplifying, but also as I embark on my own blog and, hopefully business, in this arena


8 Comprehensive Modules of Self-Paced Video Lessons (+ one bonus prep week)

10+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Coaching Sessions with former participants

Email Updates + Reminders

Hands-on Homework Challenges to Enhance the Learning Experience

Group Accountability + Discussion 


A Never-Seen-Before Video Tour of Denaye's Home. You'll see it all: an inside look at her closets, the kid's toys, every aspect of the kitchen, and much more. 

Lifetime membership in Simple Families: Foundations, a private community for program participants and alumni on Facebook. 


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

I've heard about the Masterclass. Is this the same thing?

Mostly, yes! I've taken the world-renowned Simple Families Masterclass and transformed it into the Foundations Program. It's the same content, in a new form. Now, it's completely self-paced and designed to allow you to start, stop, and finish on your schedule. 

Should I take Foundations or the Mental Unload™?

Both! Foundations focuses on simplifying your home and your parenting. The Mental Unload focuses on simplifying your mental clutter--in particular your individual well-being and partnership. The content in the two programs are separate and can be taken in either order. 

When does the course start and finish?

The program is completely self-paced. You can start and finish on your own timeline!

What age children does this best fit?

My own children are currently five-years-old and seven-years-old. Many of the examples that I provide will be using this age range--but the course content can be tailored to suit parents of children any age. 

Is this program a replacement for mental health therapy?

Absolutely not. Past participants have reported significant gains in their mental well-being. However, this program is not a replacement for mental health therapy or medical interventions. If you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, please seek immediate medical attention. Important Disclaimer: If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges please consult your physician or mental health professional before proceeding. If you have further questions about whether this program is a fit for you, email me directly [email protected] All participants must read the terms of use prior to enrollment.

What if I am unhappy with or unable to complete the program?

Because of the digital nature of this program there will be no refunds. 

Do I need Facebook to participate?

The community group will run in Facebook, and it is a fabulous resource, but it is optional. Otherwise Facebook will not be utilized. 

How does the content of this program relate to the Simple Families Podcast and your book?

Foundations brings you an A-Z approach to simplifying your family. It takes the content from the Simple Families Podcast, Blog, and the book Simple Happy Parenting and dives deeper into each subject area. If you haven't read the book or listened to the podcast, do not worry we will cover everything you need to know. If you have and you are ready to take this to the next level and implement these tools in your family--you are in the right place!

Enrollment open now!