Lived Experience


On the podcast I often feature the voices of parents and professionals who support children. As support people, our vantage point is unique. But what about the viewpoint from those with lived experience? Today, I’m speaking with lived experience educator Sonny Jane. Sonny (whose pronouns are they/them) is a queer, agender, physically disabled, autistic ADHDer and provides lived experience education, consulting and advocacy services to neurodivergent individuals, mental health professionals and organizations + services.

They believe in listening to and centering lived experience as well as allowing neurodivergent voices to come first when speaking about their own identities and experiences. I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Sonny’s Website: The Lived Experience Educator

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Denaye Barahona

Denaye Barahona is a loving wife and mama of two. She's a therapist for moms, an author, and the host of the top-ranked Simple Families Podcast. Denaye holds a Ph.D. in Child Development and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been featured on the likes of The Today Show, Netflix, The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, Forbes, and numerous other media outlets.