Q&A | What if a kid says "yuck" at the dinner table?

What if your kid says "yuck" at the dinner table. Cooking a meal for your family is hard work and when your kids express distaste, it can really get under your skin. The truth is that most kids think in black and white: they either love a food or they hate it. Not only do they think in black and white, but they also speak in simplistic terms as well. Today we are talking about letting go of the need to constantly instruct and correct our kids, and instead, giving our kids new (more socially-appropriate) language to communicate their needs and feelings.

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Denaye Barahona

Dr. Denaye Barahona is a loving wife and mama of two. She partners with families to tackle the challenges of raising children. Denaye is a minimalist who claims to be a decluttering expert (don't let her near your closet). She loves to travel, talk health-and-wellness, and give unsolicited advice. She has been featured on the likes of The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, The Minimalists, Motherly, Becoming Minimalist, and numerous other media outlets. Denaye holds a Ph.D. in Child Development and is a Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in child and family practice.