What does it mean to parent with intention?

SFP 04 : What Does It Mean To Parent With Intention?


The idea of "parenting with intention" is something that I talk about a lot on the blog and in the podcast. In this episode, I explain what this phrase means and how to start parenting more purposefully. The Highlights Education Reflection Strategy Show Notes and Links The Best Books for Expectant Parents Why I Choose ...

How do you choose great toys? Toy minimalism

SFP 03 : How Do You Choose Great Toys?


I am a huge advocate for kids having fewer toys--something I call toy minimalism. As we talked about in episode 2,  kids who have fewer toys play better and smarter. The key to having fewer toys is choosing the correct toys. In this episode we will talk about how to choose the best toys for ...

Why are fewer toys better? Toy Minimalism

SFP 02 : Why is it Better to Have Fewer Toys?


Two years ago we got rid of the toys. As a result, my kids play more creatively and independently. In this episode, we are going to discuss how toy minimalism will benefit your kids. The Highlights Why I got rid of the toys (my story) Why not all toys are created equal The psychological and educational ...

About the Simple Families Podcast

SFP 01 : About the Podcast + Host


It's here! The Simple Families Podcast has officially launched and we are starting episode 1 with a little background on the blog, the format of the podcast, and a little about your host (me!). Have a listen, subscribe, and tell your friends about it. Episode 01: The Highlights About Simple Families About Denaye Stay connected Show ...

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