SPF 73: How do you handle friends who have different parenting styles?

Parenting can be divisive when it comes to friendship. Today we discuss what happens when two friends parent differently, including what to do...and what not to do.    

shouldn't kids know better?

SFP 72: When should my kid "know better"?

In today's episode we are talking about "when kids should just know better." I explain why I don't really like this phrase and a new way to look at these situations.

SFP 71: How can we play outside as a family?

Playing outside seems so simple and natural, but often it doesn't happen that way for many families. In today's episode we are discussing how to promote outdoor play in families.

What do you do when a kid bites?

SFP 70: What do you do when a kid bites?

Many children go through a stage where they bite, hit, or otherwise use behaviors that are undesirable. In today's episode we discuss how these behaviors typically aren't aggressive, instead they are primitive forms of communication.

why do kids ask the same questions

SFP 69: Why do kids repeatedly ask the same questions?

Do you have a kid who asks the same question repeatedly? Or how about one who constantly requests the same movie, book, or song? In today's episode we are discussing why kids need this type of repetition.

SFP 68: How can I get my kid to stay in bed?

In today's episode I am sharing the best parenting advice I have ever heard along with my thoughts on keeping a small child in a bed.