SFP 85: All About Sugar [with Megan from The Lyons Share Wellness]


In today's episode I have an interview with Megan Lyons from The Lyon's Share Wellness (Facebook | Instagram). Megan is a health and wellness coach based in Dallas, Texas and provides services worldwide. In our chat today, we talk all about sugar. She answered several of my questions such as: Is there such thing as ...

Simple Potty Training

SFP 84: How should I handle potty training regression?

Potty training regression is discouraging and frustrating. In today's episode we discuss how to handle a situation when a child suddenly starts having accidents after they've been successfully potty trained. Suggested Book: Oh Crap!

SFP 83: How can I handle an early riser?

Early risers can leave moms and dads feeling exhausted and irritable. In today's episode we talk about how we can survive this common stage, especially with little ones who still require some supervision. Suggested: Ok to Wake Clock + Visual Timer

How to handle a kid who complains

SFP 82: How do you handle whining/complaining?

Dealing with a child that whines and complains a lot is draining. In today's episode we talk about how we can help model the kind of attitudes we want to see in our children, along with how to validate their feelings without encouraging the unwanted behavior.

SFP 81: I am terrified that my kid will choke, what should I do?

Starting solids with your baby can be intimidating, especially when you add in the worry of choking. In today's episode we talk about baby led weaning and how you can tell if your baby is just gagging (and why that's totally normal) versus choking.

SFP 80: How should I handle a clingy baby?

Most babies go through a stage with separation anxiety. Even though it's a normal development stage, it can be hard on both mom and baby. In today's episode, we discuss how to handle a clingy baby and still get the things we need to do done.