SFP 79: SPECIAL EPISODE: How can I reduce the mental load?

The mental load in motherhood is overwhelming. In today's special episode, we are discussing why this matters and what we can do about it. Denaye also introduces a simple, 4-step plan to begin peeling back the layers. Want to starting unpacking the mental load together, join us!

SFP 78: How can we start enjoying our child more?

It's very easy to get overwhelmed by parenting a high-needs child. Today I discuss my top recommendation for understanding and improving challenging behavior.

SPF 77: What are your thoughts on the term "good boy/good girl"?

Sometimes we get into the habit of saying certain things to our kids--but maybe we need to reassess our words. Today we are discussing the reference to being a "good girl" or a "good boy".

SFP 76: How do you handle food sharing?

I don't really recommend food sharing. In today's episode, I discuss why.

SFP 75: Does my kid eat too much?

Today we are discussing how to manage hunger and weight in early childhood.

how to handle other caregivers 2

SPF 74: How can I find a middle ground with other caregivers?


In today's episode we discuss collaborating with your child's caregivers. I lay out some specific communication strategies that I use and give you an example of a personal situation I am facing right now.