How to handle a kid who complains

SFP 82: How do you handle whining/complaining?

Dealing with a child that whines and complains a lot is draining. In today's episode we talk about how we can help model the kind of attitudes we want to see in our children, along with how to validate their feelings without encouraging the unwanted behavior.

SFP 81: I am terrified that my kid will choke, what should I do?

Starting solids with your baby can be intimidating, especially when you add in the worry of choking. In today's episode we talk about baby led weaning and how you can tell if your baby is just gagging (and why that's totally normal) versus choking.

SFP 80: How should I handle a clingy baby?

Most babies go through a stage with separation anxiety. Even though it's a normal development stage, it can be hard on both mom and baby. In today's episode, we discuss how to handle a clingy baby and still get the things we need to do done.

SFP 79: SPECIAL EPISODE: How can I reduce the mental load?

The mental load in motherhood is overwhelming. In today's special episode, we are discussing why this matters and what we can do about it. Denaye also introduces a simple, 4-step plan to begin peeling back the layers. Want to starting unpacking the mental load together, join us!

SFP 78: How can we start enjoying our child more?

It's very easy to get overwhelmed by parenting a high-needs child. Today I discuss my top recommendation for understanding and improving challenging behavior.

SPF 77: What are your thoughts on the term "good boy/good girl"?

Sometimes we get into the habit of saying certain things to our kids--but maybe we need to reassess our words. Today we are discussing the reference to being a "good girl" or a "good boy".