SFP 91: How do you choose children's books?

There are so many children's books out there, how do you choose what to include in your home library? In today's episode, we talk about why not every classic makes the cut in our family and what I look for in both new and classic storybooks.

SFP 90: There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather [with Linda from Rain or Shine Mamma]

There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Today, Swedish mother Linda Akeson McGurk joins us to talk about raising our kids to be more connected with nature. Linda's new book is one of my favorites--and her blog, Rain or Shine Mamma, is a worth-while resource as well. I hope you enjoy this ...

SFP 89: Soulful Simplicity [with Courtney from Be More With Less]

This week, I am excited to be talking on the podcast with Courtney Carver from Be More With Less. On the blog and podcast, I frequently discuss the "how" of minimalism. But in this episode, Courtney takes us one step further. She explains why simple living is good for your heart, family, and future. I just ...

SFP 88: How can I get older kids into simplifying?

We need to respect our children and their desires--but we can also help to steer them to buy more intentionally. In today's episode we discuss how to get older children on board with simplicity using 3 simple questions.  

Fit Mama in 30

SFP 87: Simple Fitness in Motherhood [with Cari from Fit Mama in 30]

Fitness and nutrition are on the minds of many at the beginning of a New Year. As we transition into motherhood, our bodies change. I know for me personally, the way I view my body changed after babies. But the way I use my body changed also. Fitness in motherhood is about more than just ...

SFP 86: How do you move toward a calm, simple holiday season?

Is your holiday season feeling busy? In today's episode we talk about how to find calm this holiday season--including tips to keep it simple. How to combat busyness? How to minimize decorating? How to drop the guilt? How to decrease the sugar? How to create traditions?