Play with Purpose

SFP 25: How much transition can a kid handle?


In today's episode we discuss how to handle big transitions with toddlers--things like moving, starting a new school, and having a new baby.

SFP 23: How does toy minimalism work with different aged siblings?

SFP 23: How does toy minimalism work with different aged siblings?


In today's episode we discuss how to maintain a minimalist play space when you have children of various ages. Show Notes/Links: Video Tour of our Minimalist Playroom The 25 Best Toys Get the Toy Detox

minimalism with kids, minimalist toys

Our Minimalist Playroom [Video Tour]

When it comes to toys, less is more. I am a firm believer that kids create more, play better and are happier when they have a clutter-free play space. In this video I am giving you a tour of our minimalist play space. A great deal of thought went into the design and toy selection ...

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Why I Don't Do Pinterest-Worthy Activities with My Kids

I don't do planned arts, crafts, or academic activities with my children. I also don't feel the least bit guilty about it. As I write this, my three-year-old is building a parking garage out of Magnatiles and my 10-month-old is dropping a pair of fingernail clippers in a bucket (repeatedly). Our days have a significant amount of ...

How much do you play with your kids?

SFP 06 : How Much Do You Play With Your Kids?


In this episode I am answering the question, "how much do you play with your kids?". I don't actually play with my kids very much and I am going to give you an explanation of why. The Highlights What quality time looks like in our house. How I facilitate play without playing myself. When I am ...

How do you choose great toys? Toy minimalism

SFP 03 : How Do You Choose Great Toys?


I am a huge advocate for kids having fewer toys--something I call toy minimalism. As we talked about in episode 2,  kids who have fewer toys play better and smarter. The key to having fewer toys is choosing the correct toys. In this episode we will talk about how to choose the best toys for ...