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how to organize kid's books how to organize children's books

How to Organize Kid's Books

Once upon a time, we had a problem with book clutter. That means kid's books all over the house. In the past I always believed that when it came to books—kids needed more, more, more. However, I don’t believe that anymore—you can read the 3 reasons why you need to minimize kid’s books. How to ...

SFP 41: Should we do arts and crafts at home?


You don't need to do a lot of arts and crafts activities to meet your kid's needs. In today's episode, I am discussing why this is. SHOW NOTES/LINKS: Why I Don't Do Pinterest-Worthy Activities With My Kids IDEAS FOR LESS-MESS ARTS + CRAFTS Dry erase crayons Paint in the bathtub Bath crayons Stickers Felt board ...

SFP 40: How do I get my child to play independently?


Independent play can be difficult to teach to toddlers. In today's episode, we talk about how to encourage this type of play and the benefits.  

SFP 36: How can I teach kids to let go of their possessions?

SFP 36: How can I teach kids to let go of their possessions?


It's not always easy to let "things" go. In today's episode, we discuss how to keep the conversation positive with kids--along with two key questions to ask.

toy detox declutter the toys

How to Declutter the Toys

As parents, we want our kids to be happy. We live to see the joy beaming across those little faces when they tear into birthday gifts. A Christmas tree stacked high with gifts is about as American as apple pie. But what if I told you that having fewer toys is actually better for kids? Because it ...

SFP 26: What should I do if my baby gets bored?


Sometimes babies get restless--but how much entertaining should we do as parents? In today's episode I answer a question about how to handle a restless, bored baby.