Parent with Intention

SFP 18: How Should I Handle My Shy Child?


In this episode I answer a question from a mother about her child that is shy and slow to warm up. I discuss ways to support and encourage her.

am I traumatizing my kid when I leave him at daycare?

SFP 17: Am I Traumatizing My Kid When I Leave Him at Daycare?


In this episode we talk about making the difficult transition to daycare as a toddler. I discuss why it is so difficult for kids to separate and give (a strange) analogy.

SFP 16 : What Age Should Kids Start Preschool?


It seems like kids are starting school earlier and earlier. In today's episode, I will be discussing how to decide on the best age for a child to start preschool. Highlights: Preschool vs. Daycare--what's the difference? What type of curriculum and education does a baby/young toddler need? What’s the best age to start school? Show Notes/Links: ...

Does Your Child Have Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome starts with the best of intentions. When my first child was a baby, it was like wrangling a bear to change his diaper. He would flip and squirm like a wild animal. A thoughtful friend suggested that I keep a variety of toys near the changing pad. That way, each time I ...

SFP 14 : How Do I Put an End to Food Throwing?


Kids shouldn't be playing with their food. That means making a mess should be the exception, not the expectation. In this episode I will discuss how to handle throwing and playing with food at mealtime. Highlights: Understand the motive Control of Error The Food Time-Out Show Notes/Links: How to Get Kids to Stop Throwing and ...

How can I get my toddler to go to bed

SFP 13 : How Can I Get My Kid to Go to Bed?


It can be hard to get kids to go to bed. In today's episode, I am answering a question about how to get a child to go to bed (and stay in bed). Highlights: Bring the positive energy. Pattern your days for success. Get kids to stay in bed