Parent with Intention

SFP 29: Should I encourage my kids to do things they aren’t good at?


Our kids are not going to be good at everything. In today's episode we discuss how to approach a child that is not having success in sports or other activities.

SFP 27: When should I interrupt my kid's play?


In today's episode I am answering a question from a mother about pretend play. She wonders how often she should intervene when there are disagreements or when the play shifts to an inappropriate story line.

How much should I push my kid to succeed?

SFP 22: How much should I push my kid to succeed?


In today's episode I respond to a question about how much we should push our kids to be successful. I explain that parents should provide support when teaching new skills, but kids might actually benefit when parents "disappear" and give them opportunity to persevere on their own. SHOW NOTES/LINKS: Get the Toy Detox

Should I encourage my kid to be friendly to strangers?

SFP 21: Should I encourage my kid to be friendly to strangers?


In today's episode we are discussing how to handle the "stranger danger" talk with your children. I am not a fan of putting fear and anxiety into children. I think you can educate them and prepare them for life without scaring them. It's important that children have opportunities to practice socializing with new adults, but at the same ...

How do I cut out the bottles?

SFP 20: How do I cut out the bottles?


It can be difficult to wean a baby off of a bottle. In this episode I discuss the transition from formula/breastmilk to cow's milk. I also explain the attachment to the bottle and why this process is so difficult. I also discuss things to keep in mind when making the switch from bottles to cups. Show ...

SFP 19: How do I prepare my child for a new sibling?


In this episode I will discuss three things to consider when preparing your child for a sibling. We will also discuss what type of behavior and emotions you might encounter from a young child during this period as well. I wrap up with the one thing I wish I would have known before having my ...