Parent with Intention

SFP 37: How do I handle competition between siblings?


Parents are not referees--it's important that they realize that early. In today's episode, we talk about managing competition in sibling relationships.

how to discipline young toddlers

SFP 35: How should I discipline very young children?


On the podcast today I am answering a question about how to discipline very young children.

how to have a simple birthday party

SFP 34: Is it possible to have a simple birthday party?


Birthday celebrations shouldn’t be complicated—they should be focused on what is important. In today’s episode, I discuss why we should keep celebrations small, intimate, and focused on the needs of the child.

Should I change my toddler's bedroom?

SFP 33: Should I change my toddler's bedroom?


In this episode we discuss switching a child’s bedroom in anticipation of a new sibling. I also talk about making the switch from the crib to a toddler bed. 

The Reason I Need You to Stop Calling My Baby "Pretty"

My mother tells a story of the very early years of my life. I was not yet two-years-old and all I wanted was real earrings. She ultimately gave in and had my ears pierced. I loved my pretty earrings. That’s when I started chasing pretty--before my second birthday. Every stranger that I met noticed my pretty earrings. ...

how do I stop my kid from interrupting

SFP 31: How do I stop my kid from interrupting?

Every parent deals with kids that interrupt. Today we are discussing two approaches of how to handle this challenge.