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When Kids Are at Their Worst, Mothers Need to Be at Their Best

We all have those days or weeks when we are at our worst. You know the times...when you are irritable and the meanness seems to seep out of your pores? I know I just want to crawl up in bed for the foreseeable future. Before I was a mother, these times were hard. But now ...

The 3 Secrets to "Good-Enough" Parenting

This is a guest post by my friend, Eden Hyder. You can follow her on Facebook and read her blog at the Inside Out Collaborative.  There is so much pressure on us, as parents, to be perfect. You've seen the judgmental look of a passerby as you wrangle your child into the car. You know the ...

why I don't pinterest with my kids copy

SFP 52: How much preschool does a kid need?


In today's episode we discuss how often a kid needs to go to school--we discuss how to find that magic window of time and how to shed the guilt around it.

How do I deal with a complainer?

SFP 48: How Do I Deal with a Complainer?


Does your child whine and complain throughout the day? In today's episode I discuss how to handle a complainer.

How Do I End Bedtime Meltdowns? 2

SFP 47: How Do I End Bedtime Meltdowns?


Bedtime can be a struggle for children--regardless of the age. In today's episode we discuss this topic.

what's the best timing for potty training

SFP 46: What is the best timing for potty training?


On the podcast today I am explaining the best timing for potty training--and it might not be what you think. SHOW NOTES/LINKS My favorite tips and tools for potty training The "Oh Crap" Book