Meredith’s Story

A few times a year, I invite a member of the Simple Families to share their story on the podcast. Today, we are on a journey to simplicity with Meredith Bay-Tyack. Meredith has been a long-time member of the community, but she opening admits that she’s very much a work in progress. Meredith applies simplicity …

SFP 164: Late Bloomers [with Rich Karlgaard of Forbes Magazine]

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine, about his new book Late Bloomers. Rich is a self-proclaimed late bloomer. He’s sharing more of his story along with some research that will give fellow parents of late bloomers some piece of mind. Show Notes/Links The Book: Late Bloomers Rich’s Website …

how to handle other caregivers 2

SPF 74: How can I find a middle ground with other caregivers?


In today’s episode we discuss collaborating with your child’s caregivers. I lay out some specific communication strategies that I use and give you an example of a personal situation I am facing right now.