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SFP 12 : How Do I Teach My Kid To Share?


Sharing is hard. In this episode, I am explaining why sharing can be such a struggle for young kids. I will also introduce the strategy that we use at home to handle sharing easily and effectively. Highlights Why it's so hard for kids to share Walk a mile in their shoes The Method: How do ...

How do I stop my kid when she misbehaves?

SFP 11 : How Do I Stop My Kid From Misbehaving?


Our kid's behavior can be frustrating--particularly when they won't "stop" when we ask them to stop. Today we are talking about why it's so hard to get kids to "knock it off" and how we can handle these situations with success. Highlights A new lens to view behavior Inertia--and how it applies to kid behavior ...

How to teach your kids to share without losing your mind.

Teach Kids To Share Without Losing Your Mind

As a kid, I used to hide the toys that I didn't want to share. I once hid my Skipper doll so good that I couldn't even find it myself. My mother told me that I was selfish. She was right. I was selfish.  All kids are selfish. A slightly nicer name for selfish is egocentric. The way ...

How Do I Get Started With a Small Wardrobe?

SFP 10 : How Do I Get Started With a Small Wardrobe?


I got rid of my oversized wardrobe in favor of creating a tiny collection of clothing articles that I really love. This has been an amazing change in my life. In this episode, I will share with you how I got started and some of my favorite things. The Highlights Why I made the switch to a ...

How Do I Get My Kids To Cooperate?

SFP 09 : How Do I Get My Kids To Cooperate?


Getting our kids to cooperate with everyday tasks can seem impossible. Brush your teeth, take a bath, put your shoes on...even the simple things can be a struggle with young children. In this episode I am going to explain why cooperation is so difficult. The best part--there is an easy trick to get immediate results ...

Why Isn't Time-Out Working?

SFP 08 : Why Isn't Time-Out Working?


Nearly all parents resort to using "time-out" with their kids at some point. But the problem is it rarely works. In this episode I explain how to use time-out correctly and why I don't really use it much myself. The Highlights What exactly is "time-out" Why I don't really like it or use it myself If you ...