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SFP 28: How do I end food battles with my kid?


Sometimes our kids can feel impossible at meal times. In this episode, I give my best advice--and it might surprise you.

SFP 27: When should I interrupt my kid's play?


In today's episode I am answering a question from a mother about pretend play. She wonders how often she should intervene when there are disagreements or when the play shifts to an inappropriate story line.

minimalist travel with family

[Video] How to Travel like a Minimalist (with kids)

Want to see exactly what I am packing for our upcoming trip? Items listed in order that they appear:  Osprey Poco Plus (Hiking Carrier) J.Crew Always Chambray Shirt Primary Baby 'The Baby Hoodie' (Get 20% off plus free shipping on your first order at with code AFF20PCT) Primary Kid 'The Hoodie' (Get 20% off plus ...

minimalist travel with family

How to Travel Like a Minimalist (With Kids)

Minimalist travel with kids is an oxymoron. How can those tiny bodies require so much stuff? My husband and I are passionate about traveling. We always knew we wanted to share that love with our children. But I will be honest, our first post-baby traveling had us looking like Sherpas heading toward Everest. Slowly we have ...

toy detox declutter the toys

How to Declutter the Toys

As parents, we want our kids to be happy. We live to see the joy beaming across those little faces when they tear into birthday gifts. A Christmas tree stacked high with gifts is about as American as apple pie. But what if I told you that having fewer toys is actually better for kids? Because it ...

SFP 26: What should I do if my baby gets bored?


Sometimes babies get restless--but how much entertaining should we do as parents? In today's episode I answer a question about how to handle a restless, bored baby.