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Parent-child conflict ft. Dr. Ross Greene

While many parenting books detail the source of difficult childhood behavior or cover diagnoses, Dr. Ross Greene provides parents with a universal guide for dealing with challenging behaviors. In his bestselling book, The Explosive Child, Dr. Greene says children don’t meet our expectations due to a lack of skills. Links from the episode Sponsors

Storytelling ft. Devan Sandiford

Sharing life stories will not only preserve family history but also simplify learning important life lessons. It was an absolute pleasure to speak to Devan Sandiford, distinguished writer and story-teller, who eloquently shares his life through stories of tragedy, race, parenting and what it means to be connected through stories of the human experience. Links …

Emotions ft. Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett

As humans, we experience a vast array of emotions. We are sometimes confused about our own emotional experiences and often confused by the emotions of others (especially our kids!). Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, psychologist, neuroscientist and distinguished professor joins us to talk about her revolutionary work on understanding emotions. Links from the episode Sponsors

Finding Your Holiday ‘Why’: Q&A with Denaye

When I asked listeners to send me questions for a holiday episode of Q&A, I received so many inquiries. Interestingly, so many of them contained the word ‘Scrooge!’ I am answering your questions regarding gifts, extended family, compromise, and finding your why during the holidays. Links from the episode Sponsors

Magical Moments Mindset

I went into this episode not a huge fan of Disney, but my mindset has been shifted. I learned a lot from Jen Hoffman & Lauren Gaggioli, who dissect the life lessons of Disney movies on their podcast Magical Mindset Moments. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too. Links from the episode …

Appropriate Toys?

Today I’m answering a listener’s question on gift-giving. What do we do when a child asks for a holiday gift we don’t want them to have? Links from the episode Simple Families Episode 247: Over-gifter Sponsors Kiwico – Get your first month of ANY crate line free at SEED – Visit and use …