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The Simple Families Baby Registry + Guide

Welcoming your baby into a simple, clutter-free space is a gift. During a time where life is full of physical and emotional changes--the last thing you need is to be tripping over an unused baby swing that you bought just in case you might need it. As an American, I am blessed with choices. When it ...

The Mom Superpower I am Trying to Shed

I have a Mom Superpower--but not one of which I am proud. I can read an entire book to my children and have no idea what I read. Often I find that my mind will be someplace completely different while I am spendin​g time with my kids. This is particularly true when it comes to reading. Some ...

SFP 36: How can I teach kids to let go of their possessions?

SFP 36: How can I teach kids to let go of their possessions?


It's not always easy to let "things" go. In today's episode, we discuss how to keep the conversation positive with kids--along with two key questions to ask.

how to discipline young toddlers

SFP 35: How should I discipline very young children?


On the podcast today I am answering a question about how to discipline very young children.

how to have a simple birthday party

SFP 34: Is it possible to have a simple birthday party?


Birthday celebrations shouldn’t be complicated—they should be focused on what is important. In today’s episode, I discuss why we should keep celebrations small, intimate, and focused on the needs of the child.

Should I change my toddler's bedroom?

SFP 33: Should I change my toddler's bedroom?


In this episode we discuss switching a child’s bedroom in anticipation of a new sibling. I also talk about making the switch from the crib to a toddler bed.