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Want to Meet in Person?

We have big changes coming in our family this summer. In June, will be relocating from Dallas, Texas to outside of New York City. I am very proud of my husband as he is taking a new job working in sustainability. We are excited for the change in scenery--but will deeply miss our favorite parts of Texas (i.e. ...

how to organize kid's books how to organize children's books

How to Organize Kid's Books

Once upon a time, we had a problem with book clutter. That means kid's books all over the house. In the past I always believed that when it came to books—kids needed more, more, more. However, I don’t believe that anymore—you can read the 3 reasons why you need to minimize kid’s books. How to ...

what's the best timing for potty training

SFP 46: What is the best timing for potty training?


On the podcast today I am explaining the best timing for potty training--and it might not be what you think. SHOW NOTES/LINKS My favorite tips and tools for potty training The "Oh Crap" Book

what can I do about separation anxiety? 2

SFP 45: What can I do about separation anxiety?


Separation anxiety has a way of making us feel very loved and very crazy. We are talking more about this on the podcast today.  

experience with food intolerance testing 5

My Experience with Food Intolerance Testing

As much as I would love to go through life eating everything in sight--it's not in my best interest. I have known for several years that I have one specific food intolerance, but I recently suspected there was something else. Therefore I underwent food intolerance testing. I will tell you, I was shocked at the ...

how should I handle back talk? 2

SFP 44: How should I handle back talk?


In today's episode we are discussing about "back talk". I give you my best strategies for handling it and some tips to keep in mind.