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How do you handle laundry?

SFP 50: How do you handle laundry?


I have shared before that I have a daily laundry habit--and it's amazing. In today's episode I am answering a question about this and telling you how I make it happen at our house. LINKS: The Simple Families Facebook Group

100 days of outdoor play

100 Days of Outdoor Play

For the next 100 days my family will be spending time outdoors. Want to go out with us? Pledge to join! Children are spending more time in front of screens and less time playing outdoors. Author and expert Richard Louv explains that our children are suffering from nature-deficit disorder. Which is exactly what it sounds like--a lack of ...

My Latest Look: Summer Capsule Wardrobe Updates

It's officially summer and my capsule wardrobe got a few updates this season. When it comes to buying new clothes, I carefully consider each item that I bring into my small wardrobe. When I am searching for new additions, I evaluate each piece. I ask myself if it is versatile, flexible, timeless, and most importantly--comfortable. ...

How do I deal with a complainer?

SFP 48: How Do I Deal with a Complainer?


Does your child whine and complain throughout the day? In today's episode I discuss how to handle a complainer.

How Do I End Bedtime Meltdowns? 2

SFP 47: How Do I End Bedtime Meltdowns?


Bedtime can be a struggle for children--regardless of the age. In today's episode we discuss this topic.

how I feed my kids

Exactly How I Feed My Kids

My kids are great eaters. You might say that I am lucky, but I think it is partly by design. Research shows us that genetics play a small part in setting eating habits. However, by and large a child's environment has the greatest impact. That means what I do as a mother really matters.  I know this ...